Our Story

Be it a toilet-seat shrine to a star of the silver screen, a blue door more famous than most people, or our one and only fire truck mysteriously ending up on a rooftop in L.A., we've never exactly been on a first-name basis with ‘normal’.

A long-established fixture of California’s Central Coast, the town of Harmony has a rich supporting history. Founded in 1869 around a burgeoning local dairy industry, Harmony served as the home of the Harmony Valley Creamery Association and de facto capital of Central Coast dairy production for nearly half a century, while also serving as a picturesque pit-stop for the rich-and-famous on their way to visit William Randolph Hearst just up the road. 

Following the ultimate closure of the creamery, Harmony’s population steadily waned as the community saw much of the state’s dairy production transition from the Central Coast to the Central Valley. While undergoing periods of relative dormancy in the years leading up to Harmony's renovation in 2015, today our 2.5-acre, one-block town bustles once again.

Home to the Harmony Valley Creamery and Dairy Shoppe, the galleries of several working artisans and Bower & Baker, a farm-to-table dining experience, Harmony has once again become a must-stop destination for both local residents and tourists alike, serving as a hotbed of local culture and lively events.